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Below are a list of our registered Documented Sports Handicappers in order based on their last 30 day record and profitability. Click on the photo, or Handicapper's name to view details and more records for each handicapper listed.

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MLB Last 30 Days: 49-21 (+10423 units / 208% Appreciation)
Have you ever tried to handicap MLB baseball on your own?  If you have then you know that one day you're cashing in and the next day you're paying out.  You're winning streaks seem to get smaller along with your bankroll.  Handicapping MLB baseball is a difficult task and if you aren't armed with the correct information you will not last the season or turn a profit.
MLB Last 30 Days: 53-22 (+10063 units / 201% Appreciation)

My strategy to help you win more MLB games is to use situational handicapping (home vs away, starting pitching vs starting lineup, etc) along with advanced statistical analysis (offensive, defensive and pitching stats, key numbers for totals, etc).  

MLB Last 30 Days: 51-24 (+8845 units / 177% Appreciation)

Baseball is my passion.  Many of us can remember the excitement as a kid going to a ball game and some of the best times growing up involved baseball.  My passion is just as strong now but the focus has shifted to making money off the sport I love.

MLB Last 30 Days: 46-20 (+8226 units / 165% Appreciation)
I feel there is significant value in betting totals and moneyline, especially a reasonable underdog, in MLB.  Each day I check the odds and immediately eliminate any games that show odds of underdogs greater than +150 or favorites greater than -150.  More times than not these odds do not favor the bettor.  On a day with a full slate of games I will usually release between 3-7 daily best bets from the American and National Leagues. 
MLB Last 30 Days: 44-20 (+8120 units / 162% Appreciation)
Kelvin Baker makes his way to Documented Handicappers as a former securities analyst that advised businesses on how to best invest their money.  Kelvin looked through financial results, market prices and industry factors that might affect the price of a company's stock making him very familiar with spreadsheets and software used to examine companies.
MLB Last 30 Days: 47-22 (+7960 units / 159% Appreciation)
Hello friends and welcome to a new kind of sports betting. I employ betting principles that blends a keen understanding of odds value with statistical analysis. There are no "Get Rich Quick" schemes in sports betting, as there will always be highs and lows, but I have proven my odds value technique to be a long-term strategy for success.
MLB Last 30 Days: 44-20 (+7811 units / 156% Appreciation)

Denny Helton has created buzz at Documented Handicappers by successfully posting profitable seasons in MLB and NFL the past two years while being monitored by our staff.  Denny had offers from other online handicapping forums as a featured sports handicapper but chose to begin an apprenticeship with Documented Handicappers. 

MLB Last 30 Days: 49-26 (+7689 units / 154% Appreciation)
MLB baseball handicapping in it's most simplistic form is about spotting the line and exploiting it with success. Fortunately for my clients I hit 60% in 2014 and 59% in 2013.
MLB Last 30 Days: 44-22 (+7449 units / 149% Appreciation)
Hard work and dedication has helped Curtis Sydney land a spot on our MLB handicapper rotation.  Curtis has been a staff member and personal research assistant to Documented Handicappers for the past three years.
MLB Last 30 Days: 55-28 (+7228 units / 145% Appreciation)

My handicapping experience dates back to 2005 and it has taken me around the world and provided me with opportunity to work with some brilliant minds.  I prefer to bet on the diamond due to the length of the season and countless ways to profit if you bet smart.

MLB Last 30 Days: 41-17 (+7046 units / 141% Appreciation)

Scott is a welcomed addition to the Documented Handicappers community.  With over 15 years of sports wagering experience, Scott has transitioned his services to consult the online market and allow for his picks to receive complete verification.

MLB Last 30 Days: 48-21 (+6928 units / 139% Appreciation)
Vince Clemons is another financial services transplant that was tired of being just a number within a large corporation.  Vince has been gambling for over fifteen years and always endured the thrill of outsmarting the odds.  There are many people that are scared off by Vegas after losing big but Vince has proven that you're not betting against Vegas, you are betting against the squares.  Those that lack knowledge will bet with the masses but those that have knowledge will bet with confidence.  Vince will follow the public betting perception on a particular game and it will always help him determine his pick. 
MLB Last 30 Days: 37-15 (+6857 units / 137% Appreciation)
I was fresh out of college when I landed my first big gig working for a major sports marketing firm in NYC. I worked with professional and major college sports teams, corporations and big businesses.
MLB Last 30 Days: 33-18 (+6814 units / 136% Appreciation)
Glen Rockford joins Documented Handicappers with one of the highest rated trial periods thus far handicapping MLB, NBA and NCAAB.  Glen recently made a career adjustment coming from the waste management sector where he was a financial analyst. Glen has been an avid gambler for many years and was a frequent in many sportsbooks on the strip.
MLB Last 30 Days: 35-20 (+6233 units / 125% Appreciation)

Jessie Rodriguez is a sports betting handicapper with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He started his professional handicapping journey in the Documented Handicappers Farm League and has since gained recognition and success in the field.

MLB Last 30 Days: 42-21 (+5639 units / 113% Appreciation)
Harold Windham is a modern day renaissance man holding jobs in many different fields over a 30 year professional career including a high level sports therapist.  This job allowed Harold to get closest to his love of sports from football, basketball and baseball.
MLB Last 30 Days: 35-18 (+5256 units / 105% Appreciation)

Sports are a way of life for many of us and for many of us we were not fortunate enough to have made it to the big time. I settled for the next best thing to continue my sports career, sports investing. I was introduced to the finer details of sports investing while in Europe. The Europeans are very passionate gamblers and love their futbol and American sports. 

MLB Last 30 Days: 35-25 (+5068 units / 101% Appreciation)
Lee Brayden, a five year pro, has joined our staff from another handicapping service that was not aiding in his growth within the industry.  Lee had other options to continue his career but he felt that Documented Handicappers and our platform was the best fit.  Lee was born in Idaho and since there are no major sports teams within his state, he'll never play favorites.  Lee will provide an honest pick that is released based on research not home team bias.  Join Lee this MLB season and invest in honest picks.     
MLB Last 30 Days: 34-19 (+4783 units / 96% Appreciation)
Growing up an ACC and Big East fan I have grown to become "East Coast biased". I am not your typical scout in that I only release a select number of picks per day.  My selections are highly rated and very profitable. I release picks based on MLB, NFL, NCAAB, NCAAF and NBA. I will spend countless hours to give you a return on your investment.
MLB Last 30 Days: 34-20 (+3775 units / 76% Appreciation)
Richard Wright is a professional MLB baseball handicapper who has been promoted from the Documented Handicappers Farm League. With an impressive track record and a keen eye for analyzing baseball statistics, Wright has gained recognition within the sports betting industry.
MLB Last 30 Days: 37-19 (+3761 units / 75% Appreciation)
I've invested the past 20+ years of my life to betting sports and finding angles to beat the odds in NBA, NCAAB, NFL, NCAAF & MLB.  Ranking as one of the top sports betting handicappers at Documented Handicappers, my goal is consistency year over year. 
MLB Last 30 Days: 41-24 (+3696 units / 74% Appreciation)
Top 5 MLB Farm League Handicapper MLB Handicapper Since 2013 60+% MLB Picks since 2017 I joined the Documented Handicappers Farm League in 2017 and I am blessed to be in the position to provide my information to our community.
MLB Last 30 Days: 38-16 (+3560 units / 71% Appreciation)
I was first introduced the sports gambling world by a cousin while I was in high school in Nevada. We studied a tout sheet like it was a final exam. Since high school I have held many dead end jobs but I have always maintained my intense passion for sports investing.
MLB Last 30 Days: 38-24 (+3287 units / 66% Appreciation)
Junior made his living working a number of different jobs inside casinos from Atlantic City to Las Vegas.  Junior has experience as gaming supervisor, gaming manger and sports betting risk manager.  Junior has spent that past 25 years of his life working inside the casino and now wants to beat the books.  In Junior's mind there was only one career transition that would make sense outside the casino and that's to focus strictly on sports betting.  Junior will handicap MLB, NFL and NCAAF exclusively for Documented Handicappers. 
MLB Last 30 Days: 34-23 (+3214 units / 64% Appreciation)
Tom Miller's approach to handicapping is data-driven and analytical. He meticulously studies statistics, trends, and player performance to create comprehensive betting models.  After a successful tenure in the Documented Handicappers Farm League, Tom was promoted to the Documented Handicappers professional roster.
MLB Last 30 Days: 32-17 (+2937 units / 59% Appreciation)

I have been involved in sports handicapping in some aspect for seven years.  I research MLB, NBA, NCAAB and NFL only so you can guarantee my picks are only the top plays on the board.  I have five out of six winning NBA seasons from 2003-2008 and I am blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Documented Handicappers.

MLB Last 30 Days: 34-20 (+2846 units / 57% Appreciation)
I hail from the great city of Baltimore and although I have traveled around the world I continue to call this great city my home. I have been a hedge fund manager for a bit over 7 years and love each and every day. As with any investment there are risks taken to achieve your financial goals. I am a risk taker by nature and enjoy the rush of investing funds for short term or long term gains and the same goes with handicapping sports.
MLB Last 30 Days: 43-23 (+2546 units / 51% Appreciation)
Jack Jeffries has been a part of the sports handicapping industry for a very long time.  Jack has witnessed so called "sharps" mismanage money in the past and has taken a more conservative long term approach to sports picks investing.  Jack Jeffries came to Documented Handicappers as a package deal and has partners that help with analytics.  Jack is smart enough to know it's impossible to know every detail and stat about MLB so when you invest with Jack you are investing in his team and years of proven results and knowledge.
MLB Last 30 Days: 36-19 (+2391 units / 48% Appreciation)
Alfy Bruno has partnered with Documented Handicappers as a MLB handicapper and will focus exclusively on picks from the diamond.  Alfy will release MLB picks based on moneyline, run line and total.  MLB can be a great place for a novice bettor to get started investing and Alfy has joined our service to navigate you through the long and potentially prosperous MLB season.  Alfy's 18 year handicapping experience will serve as an immediate boost to your bankroll.
MLB Last 30 Days: 36-25 (+2240 units / 45% Appreciation)

As a recently retired chiropractor, I have turned to sports handicapping for both hobby and profit. I've been a life long Miami Dolphins fan growing up in Florida. I have always enjoyed wagering on sports and since my recent retirement I have been able to devote more time and energy into this passion.  

MLB Last 30 Days: 39-27 (+2149 units / 43% Appreciation)
Did you know that with a 162 game schedule in the MLB season there are 2430 baseball games you can bet on?  There will be times throughout the season that oddsmakers may lay off a game for one reason or another but with the volume of MLB games in one season it's to see how experienced sports bettors will have an advantage over the bookmakers.
MLB Last 30 Days: 31-22 (+1691 units / 34% Appreciation)
I look forward to bringing my financial background and investment strategies to the Documented Handicappers community.  As a former stressed out day trader, I swung into the sports investing market as an outlet from the stocks.  It was an easy transition for me and I have developed a way to use my advanced analytic tools which guided me towards promising stocks and applied it to sports investing.
MLB Last 30 Days: 31-20 (+1605 units / 32% Appreciation)
My days of inhaling cigar smoke and stuffing my pockets with bet sheets while wasting my days away in sportsbooks are long gone. The internet wave has changed sports betting in many ways and has helped those who take advantage of the vast amount of resources at our fingertips.
MLB Last 30 Days: 36-24 (+1193 units / 24% Appreciation)
I've been asked many times about my secret to sports betting?  The truth is there is no secret formula, just hard work, betting the right odds and doing your homework.  Betting baseball is the longest season of any professional or college sport and you need to remain focused the entire season or you risk making mistakes.  My goal is to help you limit the mistakes and maximize your profits this MLB season.
MLB Last 30 Days: 38-28 (+910 units / 18% Appreciation)
Henry Williams started his career right out of college as a sports writer for a local paper in Montana.  At the age of 27 Henry relocated to northeast to get more experience and better his odds of landing with one of the major sports papers up and down the east coast.  After working as a sports writer and reporter for 15 years he shifted gears and started handicapping MLB.  Henry has been handicapping for over 6 years and has joined Documented Handicappers after going 61% over all last MLB season. 
MLB Last 30 Days: 34-22 (+697 units / 14% Appreciation)
I have learned to tie sports handicapping into a side business and a very profitable one at that. I have been able to make many contacts in the industry and only hope to help you all reach your financial goals.
MLB Last 30 Days: 29-23 (+36 units / 1% Appreciation)

Jimmy Eastman has been with Documented Handicappers since our onlne start. He bets EVERY pick he releases to his clients.  Football is his specialty and the NFL is his top sport followed by college football, college basketball and NBA.  Follow Jimmy Eastman for professional sports knowledge that will give you the upper hand with your sports investing.

MLB Last 30 Days: 31-34 (-24 units / -0% Appreciation)

Intelligent investors never work alone and to be the best you must surround yourself with the best. Documented Handicappers is one of the top sports handicapping platforms providing documented picks for people around the world and we have a staff full of sports betting experts.

MLB Last 30 Days: 33-26 (-439 units / -9% Appreciation)
Since 2015 I have documented my sports predictions via the Documented Handicappers Farm League with great success.  I was presented with the opportunity to offer my services on Documented Handicappers and I look forward to helping you beat the book in MLB, basketball, and football. 
MLB Last 30 Days: 30-32 (-1344 units / -27% Appreciation)
I am the John Clayton of sports handicapping. I began as a sports journalist while writing for my high school paper outside of Tucson. I have followed and covered everything from football to swimming. I take a very detailed approach to my work and consider every angle and scenario before releasing my picks knowing that other people's money is at stake.

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