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Documented Sports Handicappers | About the Documented Sports Handicappers

DocumentedHandicappers.com is a new concept in online sports handicapping. Created by a group of sports minded entrepreneur's whose goal was to develop a sports handicapping service that was open and honest with the open display of sports handicappers track records.

This goal has now been realized with a documented records system that displays all records for all picks in an accurate fashion. All Documented Handicapper picks can be viewed after the game has started at our website to validate the records and display the top sports handicappers online today. Our team is familiar with the numerous online handicapping services on the internet today and our mission was to implement a program and handicapping platform that keeps all records above board. We believe in legitimizing online handicapping by offering proven independent handicappers a sports handicapping platform that allows our community to post their handicapper picks online thus providing proven self-investors a turn-key platform to sell their great services.


  • A documented sports pick sharing service for proven sports investors and handicappers.  
  • A place where all data is private, anonymous and membership is free.


  • Build a handicapping track record. Professional grade tools measure and display your sports handicapping results. Thus validating your sports handicapping performance and build a track record comparable to other professional sports handicappers. Our automated records tracking system makes it effortless to upload, track and manage your sports handicapping results.
  • Choose how widely to share your sports betting activity. You choose whether to share your track records publicly or just with other Documented Handicapper member's.
  • Purchase Member Picks or Earn Commissions from your sports handicapping sales. In addition, member's selling daily picks earn 60% of all sales commissions. DocumentedHandicappers.com provides the sports handicapping platform, marketing and other promotional tools for our member's and you provide your winning picks and sports knowledge to our community.

Sign-up today and start benchmarking your documented sports handicapping skills against other online sports professionals!



Now finding documented sports handicappers and winning information has never been easier. Sell your sports picks or team up with our online community for the winning sports handicapping information you need to stay ahead of the book this season. NFL, MLB, College Football picks and the Best Basketball Handicappers. Join today to start tracking your handicapping picks and follow member's  documented winners.