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Mike Ryan

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Have you ever tried to handicap MLB baseball on your own?  If you have then you know that one day you're cashing in and the next day you're paying out.  You're winning streaks seem to get smaller along with your bankroll.  Handicapping MLB baseball is a difficult task and if you aren't armed with the correct information you will not last the season or turn a profit.

You must have a strong money management plan to bet on sports and this is especially true in MLB.  Discipline, patience and perseverance are all attributes you must have to handicap sports.  MLB is a difficult sport due to the length of the season spanning from April to November and with a 162 game schedule, per team, it's easy to get lost with so much action.  I have trained myself to spot the games that attract "dumb" money or the games that are most appealing to the misinformed public.  I will identify these lines for you and take the guesswork out of the equation so you can cash in more than you pay out.

MLB Available Picks for September 24, 2022
  • Atlanta @ Philadelphia Login here to view pick (Past 40 Minute Mark)
  • Boston @ New York Login here to view pick (Win)
  • $25.00 Cleveland @ Texas (07:05p EST, MLB, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Detroit @ Chicago (07:10p EST, MLB, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 San Francisco @ Arizona (08:10p EST, MLB, Total Line)

2540 Wins - 1649 Losses (+245463 Units, 4909% Appreciation)

Time Frame Wins Loss Push Percent Units
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Last 7 Days 20 7 1 74.07% 3317
Last 30 Days 64 46 3 58.18% 2242
Last 60 Days 126 105 5 54.55% 3283
Last 90 Days 197 142 8 58.11% 11892
Last 180 Days 368 281 20 56.70% 19816
Last 365 Days 397 306 22 56.47% 22010
Overall 2540 1649 94 60.63% 245463

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