Sports Betting Help and answers to your questions.  FAQ's and other sports betting information to better help our members.

Sports Betting Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Join Documented Handicappers?

If you are actively seeking sports betting help and and managing your own bankroll, you know how much hard work and insight it takes to be successful. Our online community is comprised of online sports professionals from all walks of life and each member has a niche expertise for selective teams and sports. The DH platform allows our community to share in this expertise from proven sports investors, thus sharing their hard work with other members.

I just created an account and logged-in for the first time. I need help - what do I do now?

You can purchase credits to conveniently buy picks or simply use our shopping cart feature to buy games.  We accept both Visa and MasterCard.

What Sportsbook Lines or Odds are used by the Documented Handicapper Members?

Documented Handicappers posting system uses a combination of feeds from multiple sportsbooks, but prime feeds come from or We recommend to all of our member's to open accounts with both sportsbooks to receive the best available odds as our community.

How many daily picks do the Documented Handicappers typically make each day?

The number of picks per day will vary for each member and member picks will vary based on sports and season. On average member's will make 2-8 picks per day. Remember the goal for all member's is to maintain a high appreciation value (win %), so selective picking is recommended to maximize appreciation.

How is Documented Handicappers different from other sports betting help? is not a hard selling sports group from 'scamdicappers', but rather a website platform to allow online sports handicappers an outlet to reach other sports investors. Real handicapping, from real people, that produces real results. DocumentedHandicappers is all about helping people make more money by leveraging the hard work that is already being done.

How do I edit my profile?

Once logged in, click on the Edit Profile link on the left column of your Personal Home Page. From there, you can control your preferences and which information gets displayed publicly to the other Members of the DocumentedHandicappers community. This will permit other members to learn more about you.

How do I update my email address?

Email us from your email address of record at support(@) Please include your username on the account. Our customer service agents will do the rest. Please allow up to 24hrs to update.

Who can become a Seller of

The individuals sharing their sports advice at DH are serious sports investors located all over the world who have been proven to successufully outgain the average handicappers. If you feel your handicapping skills meet this performance criteria, and would like to pit your skills against other member's, you may enroll today. Seller Terms & Conditions.

Why should I share my sports picks with anyone else and help them with sports betting?

There is no immediate odds impact or disadvantage in sharing your sports expertise once you have placed your wagers. Conversely, sharing your sports betting help & information allows you to hedge your bankroll by earning lucrative commissions from your sports handicapping knowledge. DH Members earn 60% from the sale of their picks to the DH community.

How does DocumentedHandicappers make money? receives 40% commission from all sold picks and the initial setup fee of $1000 from all registerd Sellers. This percentage fee helps pay for marketing, administration and support the salaries of the operators and investors of This is a "Win Win" proposition for everyone and the ultimate goal is to provide legitimate handicapping services to our community.

What documentation is being used used to measure the performance of the Documented Handicappers?

DocumentedHandicappers validates all handicapper records with an automated grading system that display the pick after the game starts for 100% verification of betting records. Handicapper Rankings are provided digitally with the Documented Handicapper rankings system with performance charting, win/loss percentages by time period & sport, and appreciation values.

How often are performance calculations and rankings updated?

All member released picks are graded at the end of the game with full records being udpated at the close of each day's action. Results are measured with an automated grading program to insure the validity of all member's picks and to help our community follow the best performing handicapper per sport and by time period.

What does the term "Appreciation" mean?

Appreciation is the value assigned from a member's intital staring bankroll of $5,000. Bankroll appreciation is based on -110 odds. Just another way of providing sports betting help and records criteria for our member's.

What does "Current Followers" for each handicapper mean?

The displayed "Current followers" number is the total unique members derived from previous day sales records for each handicapper. This is just another added site feature to better help our community monitor the success of the DH Handicappers.

What are the Big Pick Alert plays and how do they differ from the other Documented picks?

The Big Pick Alert plays are the top 5 picks from that specific day released by the Documented Handicappers.  Each pick costs $40 and comes with a credit back guarantee.  If a Big Pick Alert play fails to cover the spread, 40 credits will automatically be deposited in your account.

If you did not find the sports betting help that you need or have further questions please post a support help ticket.