Documented Sports Handicapping Services for NBA Basketball, NFL, College Football, College Basketball, and MLB Baseball.

Sports Handicapping Services | How It Works

A new concept in online sports handicapping services that allows member's to buy or sell their handicapping services via the Documented Handicappers sports trading platform. All records are documented for all picks so our community can easily track the results of every handicapper for each sport and each season.

BUY SPORTS INVESTOR PICKS - Sports Handicapping Services

  1. Sign-up for a FREE Handicapping Sports Membership
  2. Review the Online Members to find your "Go To" Sports Handicapper for each sport
  3. Search Documented Records to sort members rankings and performance by sport
  4. Purchase Member Credits to be used to buy individual picks from our community
  5. Kick back and enjoy the games that you now bet with confidence

SELL SPORTS INVESTOR PICKS - Sports Handicapping Services

  1. Create a Documented Sellers Account
  2. Pay $1000 annual setup fee to activate your annual membership
  3. Create your profile and start posting your sports picks with the DH automated posting system
  4. Complete Terms of Service Agreement
  5. Receive monthly commissions from selling your sports handicapping advice

Purchase Member Picks or Earn Commissions from Sales from the DH sports handicapping services online platform.  Member's selling daily picks earn 60% of all sales commissions. provides the sports handicapping platform, marketing, and other promotional tools for our membership. Whether your buying or selling picks, handicapping sports has never been easier with the DH sports handicapping services.

All handicapper picks are released before the end of the game so our members can verify each pick and every result. This is a new kind of sports handicapping service and a new way of handicapping sports.  The DH sports handicapping platform allows online handicappers to share their insight, promote their services, and earn profits from their sports handicapping services. 

Sign-up today and join a new kind of online sports handicapping service where all handicappers picks are monitored and released before the end of the game to insure 100% accurate records.  The DH online sports handicapping services provides a new way of handicapping sports and a new way to insure quality and legitimate sports handicapping services.