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Scott Allen Stanley

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Scott is a welcomed addition to the Documented Handicappers community.  With over 15 years of sports wagering experience, Scott has transitioned his services to consult the online market and allow for his picks to receive complete verification. 


With extensive experience researching and handicapping MLB, NCAAF and NFL, Scott's knowledge exceeds the average sports bettor.  Scott takes a detailed logical approach to sports investing and enjoys sharing his knowledge and increasing the wealth of his investors. 

NFL Available Picks for October 25, 2020
  • $25.00 Cleveland @ Cincinnati (01:00p EST, NFL, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Dallas @ Washington (01:00p EST, NFL, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Green Bay @ Houston (01:00p EST, NFL, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Jacksonville @ Los Angeles (04:25p EST, NFL, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Kansas City @ Denver (04:25p EST, NFL, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Pittsburgh @ Tennessee (01:00p EST, NFL, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Tampa Bay @ Las Vegas (04:05p EST, NFL, Total Line)

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