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Nick Parson

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My belief is that the general public falls in love with betting on their home team or favorite team and this is monetarily a fatal mistake.  When you are handicapping or betting on sports you must look at the statistics and trends to determine value and not base your decision solely on favorites.

My primary focus as your expert football handicapper is to isolate the teams that are in underdog situations but have a high probability of winning in a straight up fashion.  I lean heavily on my numbers to back up my decisions and in key situations when an underdog is undervalued, it provides a wonderful opportunity to cash in.  My strategy isn't to only look at the dogs but in football you have plenty of opportunity to research the public perception and the sharps perception and provide insight to smart money.  My job as an NFL and NCAAF handicapper is to put you on the side or total with the smart money.  

1396 Wins - 1026 Losses (+86228 Units, 1725% Appreciation)

Time Frame Wins Loss Push Percent Units
Yesterday 0 0 0 0.00% 0
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Last 180 Days 44 41 0 51.76% -207
Last 365 Days 256 168 10 60.38% 23122
Overall 1396 1026 57 57.64% 86228

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