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Sonny "Shotgun" Morane

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Seven of Ten Super Bowl Winners

Five Straight 59%+ College Football Seasons

Football is king to the sports betting world and it's the toughest sport to win on a consistent basis.  While preparing to offer my services exclusively through Documented Handicappers I went 118-69 in NFL in 2014 and 132-90 in NCAAF. I have successfully completed five straight 59%+ college football seasons and dominated the NFL.  

NFL lines are tight and this is where most bettors loose their shirt.  Going heavy on the Monday night action to make up for the losing weekend.  This is not a smart strategy and all clients of mine must follow a proper money management system or follow our 1-5 unit scale exactly as how I play my picks.  I have proven over the years that NFL lines can and will be exploited.

College Football is my favorite sport to bet and handicap.  Just as NFL has stingy lines, the college betting game can be different considering the volume of games and the amount of teams Vegas must release odds on each week.  You can guarantee I will release only the picks when the odds are in our favor.  Team up with me and Documented Handicappers this football season for only $30 per selection.  

1535 Wins - 1086 Losses (+88568 Units, 1771% Appreciation)

Time Frame Wins Loss Push Percent Units
Yesterday 1 0 0 100.00% 400
Last 7 Days 9 8 0 52.94% -56
Last 30 Days 57 37 4 60.64% 3024
Last 60 Days 100 72 6 58.14% 1797
Last 90 Days 156 123 7 55.91% 2209
Last 180 Days 183 138 8 57.01% 3788
Last 365 Days 214 170 9 55.73% 4094
Overall 1535 1086 52 58.57% 88568

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