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Vince Clemons

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Vince Clemons is another financial services transplant that was tired of being just a number within a large corporation.  Vince has been gambling for over fifteen years and always endured the thrill of outsmarting the odds.  There are many people that are scared off by Vegas after losing big but Vince has proven that you're not betting against Vegas, you are betting against the squares.  Those that lack knowledge will bet with the masses but those that have knowledge will bet with confidence.  Vince will follow the public betting perception on a particular game and it will always help him determine his pick. 

MLB Available Picks for August 17, 2022
  • $25.00 Detroit @ Cleveland (07:10p EST, MLB, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Houston @ Chicago (08:10p EST, MLB, Money Line)
  • $25.00 Los Angeles @ Milwaukee (08:10p EST, MLB, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 New York @ Atlanta (07:20p EST, MLB, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Tampa Bay @ New York (07:05p EST, MLB, Money Line)

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