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Henry Williams

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Henry Williams started his career right out of college as a sports writer for a local paper in Montana.  At the age of 27 Henry relocated to northeast to get more experience and better his odds of landing with one of the major sports papers up and down the east coast.  After working as a sports writer and reporter for 15 years he shifted gears and started handicapping MLB.  Henry has been handicapping for over 6 years and has joined Documented Handicappers after going 61% over all last MLB season. 

MLB Available Picks for June 26, 2022
  • $20.00 Chicago @ St. Louis (02:15p EST, MLB, Spread Line)
  • $20.00 New York @ Miami (12:05p EST, MLB, Money Line)
  • $20.00 Oakland @ Kansas City (02:10p EST, MLB, Spread Line)
  • $20.00 Pittsburgh @ Tampa Bay (01:40p EST, MLB, Spread Line)

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