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Richie Law

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I look forward to bringing my financial background and investment strategies to the Documented Handicappers community.  As a former stressed out day trader, I swung into the sports investing market as an outlet from the stocks.  It was an easy transition for me and I have developed a way to use my advanced analytic tools which guided me towards promising stocks and applied it to sports investing. 

I discovered that my education and statistical knowledge allowed me to identify weak betting lines giving me an advantage to predict sports picks that were safer than a blue chip.  I provide MLB, NFL, NBA and NCAAB picks for Documented Handicappers and I look forward to giving you sound sports advice.

MLB Available Picks for June 26, 2022
  • $30.00 Baltimore @ Chicago (02:10p EST, MLB, Spread Line)
  • $30.00 Houston @ New York (01:35p EST, MLB, Money Line)
  • $30.00 Philadelphia @ San Diego (04:10p EST, MLB, Total Line)
  • $30.00 Toronto @ Milwaukee (02:10p EST, MLB, Total Line)

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