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RC Blevins

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I am your quintessential athlete turned business man. I was fortunate to receive a full athletic scholarship to college which ultimately opened the door for a dream come true, to own a business. I was a great athlete but I soon realized that there were many great athletes who were bigger and better.

I made a promise to myself that if I wasn't going to start I was going to work extra hard in the classroom and provide as many opportunities for myself upon graduation. I have been owner/operator of my web based business for 8 years and continue to scratch and claw to the top. I have learned to tie sports handicapping into a side business and a very profitable one at that.

I have been able to make many contacts in the industry and only hope to help you all reach your financial goals.

MLB Available Picks for August 03, 2020
  • $25.00 Philadelphia @ New York (07:05p EST, MLB, Total Line)
  • $25.00 San Francisco @ Colorado (08:40p EST, MLB, Total Line)
NBA Available Picks for August 03, 2020
  • $25.00 San Antonio @ Philadelphia (08:00p EST, NBA, Spread Line)

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