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The Swami

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As a recently retired chiropractor, I have turned to sports handicapping for both hobby and profit. I have been a life long Miami Dolphins fan growing up in Florida. I have always enjoyed wagering on sports and since my recent retirement I have been able to devote more time and energy into this passion. 

I have learned to channel my experience and love of sports into a full time profitable past-time. From my experience I have developed and understanding and discipline needed to make a comfortable living through sports handicapping. I wish to bring my success and help others gain big through my services.

MLB Available Picks for September 25, 2021
  • $25.00 Chicago @ Cleveland (07:15p EST, MLB, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Kansas City @ Detroit (06:10p EST, MLB, Total Line)
  • $25.00 New York @ Boston (04:10p EST, MLB, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia (04:05p EST, MLB, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Washington @ Cincinnati (07:10p EST, MLB, Total Line)
NCAAF Available Picks for September 25, 2021
  • $25.00 Akron @ Ohio State (07:30p EST, NCAAF, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Colorado State @ Iowa (03:30p EST, NCAAF, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Florida Atlantic @ Air Force (08:00p EST, NCAAF, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Hawaii @ New Mexico State (08:00p EST, NCAAF, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Indiana @ Western Kentucky (08:00p EST, NCAAF, Spread Line)
  • $25.00 Iowa State @ Baylor (03:30p EST, NCAAF, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Kentucky @ South Carolina (07:00p EST, NCAAF, Total Line)
  • $25.00 Oregon State @ USC (10:30p EST, NCAAF, Total Line)
  • Toledo @ Ball State Login here to view pick (Past 40 Minute Mark)
  • Villanova @ Penn State Login here to view pick (Past 40 Minute Mark)
  • Washington State @ Utah Login here to view pick (Past 40 Minute Mark)

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