Sports Betting: What is Smart Money?

The term is often used if you familiar with sports betting or professional sports handicappers.  What is smart money?  Smart money is the money that is bet by the sharps, the Documented Handicappers of the world.  The elite group of sports bettors that are season veterans and gamble for a living.  Typically the sharps will bet against the squares, or the group of novice bettors or weekend bettors that really don’t have any research data or analysis to back up their picks.

How does smart money affect you?  Smart money moves lines.  If you can have a sense of which side the smart money is on and how aggressively it is on that side then you can time your bets to get the best possible price for your pick. Early line movement is usually a result of smart money.

On the flip side, when you see a line moving late in the week and the number for the over is getting higher and the point-spread for the favorite is swelling, that’s usually the result of the public’s money coming in.  The public likes the glamour teams and scoring which leads to their tendency to bet on favorites and overs.

Smart money is usually the money that is in it for the long term.  Sports gambling can be very difficult to make money over the long term.  It takes a trained eye to spot line movements and spend time watching the line to determine which side smart money is on and which side the betting public is taking.

This is just another reason why top betting sports handicappers are so valuable to beating the odds.

By RC Blevins

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