Genetics the Reason Behind Gambling Addiction?

A new study was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry that claims that gambling addiction could be the result of your genetics.  Gambling addiction, like many other behavioral traits, runs in your family.

Family members are eight times more likely to develop pathological gambling in their lifetime than relatives of people without pathological gambling, a research revealed. To understand this, researchers recruited 95 pathological gamblers and 91 control subjects as well as 1,075 first-degree adult relatives (including parents, siblings and children) of the participants. They found that 11 percent of the gambling relatives had pathological gambling themselves compared to one percent of the control relatives.

Addicts in general may be predisposed to make certain decisions or impulses.  Certain behavioral traits may be passed down from generations or skip generations.  Families with addicts must learn the early warning signs and teach their children from a very young age about making the right decision and not always succumbing to impulses.

If you or any of your family may have a gambling addiction you can contact Gamblers Anonymous.

By RC Blevins

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