Documented Handicappers: Please don’t post your sports bets online

We’ve all seen it, Floyd Mayweather is guilty of it and a lot of other are too.  You win a big game and you tweet or post your winning super bowl ticket on Instagram.  Let this be our warning to you.  Don’t do this!

We all get excited or down right giddy when we win a big game.  Thousands were on the line and one of the Documented Handicappers hits the winning pick.  However, in this day, identity theft continues to skyrocket and most of us are in danger posting our daily lives online.  This comes with a huge risk and many thieves are on to a new trend, stealing winning ticket information from online postings.

“There are people out there that post their winning tickets on Twitter or Instagram and I see them all the time.  There is no information blacked out and the casino name, time of bet, amount of bet, amount to win and serial number are all online for anyone to view.  This is a very bad idea and thieves are onto you”, commented Documented Handicapper Adrian Connors.

An example that any Las Vegas tourist can relate to, you go to Vegas for the weekend and bet the Sunday night football game.  You put your bet in Sunday morning and catch your plane back home.  This is a normal occurrence, you lose the bet you rip up your ticket and if you win you send the ticket back to the casino to cash out your winnings since you can’t do this in person.  Your too excited to contain yourself and you post the winning ticket on Twitter.  Problem is that it will take a couple days to arrive at the casino and within that time frame a thief has already stolen your ticket information after viewing it online and goes to the sports book to claim the ticket was lost.  They have all of your ticket information and it’s very hard for the casino to prove he isn’t the owner of the ticket.  The casino and you had no idea what just happened.

We get it, our sports picks can make you money.  However, don’t be a fool and post your ticket online.  If you feel the need to brag and boast online about your winning ticket, please black out any relevant information with tape or photo editing tools.  Be smart people and safe betting!

By RC Blevins

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