NFL Refs are back

Last night was the first night the regular NFL refs were back in action after reaching an agreement with the NFL.  The one thing you don’t hear this morning is the bitching and complaining of teams and fans over missed calls.

The sportsbooks in particular are really happy, although Monday night’s game swung in their favor after a missed call.  However, gamblers during the first few weeks of action were very unhappy with some missed calls and took their anger out on the books.

The officiating was bad enough that President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney got involved and requested the regular NFL refs need to come back.  This had to be a turning point for the NFL and Roger Goodell to get working on a deal.

The replacement refs made the game unpredictable and plays under review were always scrutinized.  It was very clear the replacement refs were not up to the standard the NFL deserves.

While betting has been up around the world this football season, you should see a slight increase in wagers from those people that were not willing to risk losing money on blown calls.  This weekend’s games should play a lot smoother.

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