New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears 12/15/14 – Monday Night Football Prediction

Monday Night Football, 8:25pm EST

New Orleans (5-8) vs Chicago Bears (5-8)

At the beginning of the year this would have looked like a premier matchup between two teams fighting for a division lead and playoff spot.  However, this isn’t the case in 2014 with both teams performing below expectations.

As crazy as it sounds the Saints are still in the hunt for the NFC South Division lead and a possible playoff spot, if they win the division.  All four teams in the NFC have a below .500 record which really begs the question as to whether the NFL needs to change it’s playoff structure.

If the season were to end today the Panthers would clinch the 4th seed ahead of Seattle and Green Bay while the Eagles would be 1st team out.  Fair or not, the NFC South winner would host the 5 seed and most likely get destroyed.

The Saints can change their outlook with a win tonight in Chicago.  The Bears were run over by the suddenly hot Dallas Cowboys last week, 41-28.  Brandon Marshall is out and the Bears are now pointing fingers at QB Jay Cutler.  The Bears are a team in shambles and it’s no coincidence that another team with Jay Cutler at quarterback is falling apart.

Jay Cutler signed a 7-year deal worth $126+million in the off season, making an average of $18 million per year.  Why would the Bears sign him to such a lengthy contract with a career record of 62-57.  Jay Cutler has never been a winning quarterback even dating back to Vanderbilt where the Commodores were 11-35 during his tenure.  If you’re looking for a quarterback with a big arm than Jay is your guy.  If you’re looking for a franchise quarterback that manages the game well and makes smart decisions, staying level headed in pressure situations and doesn’t turn the ball over, than you better look elsewhere.

The Saints have been just as bad this year but Drew Brees is still their QB.  The Saints are lucky enough to be in a situation with an opportunity to win the division and make the playoffs with a losing record.  The Saints have something to play for and the Bears have no fight left in them.  Jay Cutler isn’t the type of QB to come out and prove a point and by these reasons the Saints will win tonight’s Monday Night Football game.

Take the Saints -3 all day and laugh Jay Cutler and the Bears as they walk away losers once again.

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