Football Betting Tips from the Pros

Football Betting Tips from Documented Handicappers
If you are a member of Documented Handicappers you probably enjoy watching football and find it more exciting with money on the line.  The only problem is that most squares don’t understand how Vegas works and how the odds impact public perception.  Most people can win a few games here and there but to sustain long term profitiablity, most will employ a sports handicapper for expert knowledge.  Here are some tips from our expert football handicappers to help give you a better understanding of football betting and hopefully beat Vegas.
Shop for the best odds
We always recommend to members to have a number of differnent sports book options to shop for the best line.  Don’t rely on just one sports book for your numbers, be sure to sign up with 2-3 different books to insure you are getting the best possible odds.  Sometimes a .5 point to 1 point makes all difference in football. Most books will update their numbers depending on how their members are betting so it’s not uncommon to see a 3 point difference in a particular line.

Never chase a loss
Most squares will end up chasing bets when they hit a losing streak.  The reason why professional handicappers sustain long term profitibility is due to their money management.  It is common for handicappers to increase their wagers during a hot streak but when you hit a cold streak, you typically want to reduce your wager amount to sustain ebb and flow. The biggest mistakes amateurs make is increasing their bets when they lose.
Stay away from exotic bets
For some very experienced sports bettors there can be in theory value in placing parlay bets.  Typically the best bet in football is betting the side or total or both.  Don’t get fancy and bet two to three team parlays.  Even though the odds are sometimes too good to pass up, they are sucker bets.  Leave them for the experienced professionals.
Sometimes the better lines are in college football
The majority of people will be the NFL due to familiarity with the teams.  College football can be intimidating because there are so many teams that play on Saturday and it’s hard to follow every team.  This is where our service comes into play!  College football has some of the softest lines and you must be able to spot these lines. As opposed to pro football, college football is less dependent on situations and angles and more on certain statistics. Rushing offense and defense, pass efficiency offense and defense and turnover margins are huge. These are vital in the NFL, but even more so when it comes to college football.

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