Restructuring the NBA Draft

With a stacked 2014 NBA draft class, there has been many teams that are expected to tank this season to potentially get the top pick.  The draft process is flawed in which the worst team in the NBA is not guaranteed the #1 draft pick.  In the 2013 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers had the #1 pick but they had the 3rd worst record in the NBA.  Cleveland had the top pick in 2011 as well.

What the league may look to do is what is called the wheel system.  The wheel system would provide each team with one of the top 6 picks every 5 seasons.  This would alleviate the tanking issue.  The proposal, which was submitted to the league by a team official, would give teams a set draft position every year.

How about the league fixes the player issues and allowing college freshman to come out after one year.  So many players end up in the NBA that are not ready to play with the big boys.  The NBA is star driven league and each year there are only a hand full of teams that will compete for the title.  There is rarely a surprise team like with football or baseball.  This is why the NBA sucks and is not worth watching until the playoffs.


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