2014 NBA Draft: Top 5 Forwards

Top 5 Small Forwards in the 2014 NBA Draft

1.  Jabari Parker (6-8/Duke)

Parker could also be the #1 pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers and is the most polished player of the top 3 players that could potentially go #1 (Parker, Wiggins, Embid).  A Coach K product out of Duke knows the intensity level that is required to compete at a high level.  Parker could certainly become a leader and tone setter but will need to work on his defense.  This is a common theme for great high school players that rarely had to guard high level athletes in a AAU or high school.

2.  Doug McDermott (6-6/Creighton)

The best shooting forward available in the draft and one of the most prolific shooters in NCAA history.  The senior out of Creighton won’t be asked to carry a team like he did in high school and college so he will have to learn to adjust to distributing the ball.  McDermott can post up and hit the mid range jumper but his defense and speed may be a liability.  McDermott could go in the top 10 due to his shooting ability but we don’t see him making an immediate impact as a starter right away.

3.  Rodney Hood (6-8/Duke)

Another Duke player, by way of Mississippi State, could go off the board early in the 2014 NBA Draft.  Hood is not as well built as Parker but is one of the better shooters of the 2014 class.  Defense and rebounding is a question but he is an intriguing player to a lot of teams.  He would be a great pick for some team in the 10-15 range.

4.  K.J. McDaniels (6-6/Clemson)

Very athletic and explosive and a lock down defender, something you don’t see much of in this class.  McDaniels could very well be ranked #2 or #3 but he will need to do more than dunk in the NBA.

5.  Cleanthony Early (6-7/Wichita State)

Wichita State had a good run at an undefeated season last year and one of the biggest reasons was Cleanthony Early.  Early is not as well known as some of the other players since he didn’t play for a top level program.  However, Early is a good athlete that can score.  Defense is a question and also whether or not he can compete on the NBA level.

Top 5 Power Forward in the 2014 NBA Draft

1.  Noah Vonleh (6-9/Indiana)

Big frame PF that could easily add more muscle to become more of a force.  Strong work ethic and good rebounder.

2.  Julius Randle (6-9/Kentucky)

Randle averaged a double-double this season as a freshman at Kentucky.  Good size and strength and his game will certainly translate to the NBA level.  He could be a Zach Randolph type player which a lot of teams would love to have on their roster.

3.  Aaron Gordon (6-9/Arizona)

Gordon was once regarded as one of the top prospects out of the 2014 class.  Gordon seems to be a raw talent and needs a lot of work on the offensive side of his game.  A good defender but was not really dominate in his freshman year.  Another year at Arizona would have probably done him really good to help work on some of his weaknesses.  Either way he will be a nice project for some team in the late 1st round.

4.  Dario Saric (6-10/Croatia)

If you want to take a chance on an international player, Saric may be your man.  A big forward that could benefit from adding some muscle but is your typical international big man that can shoot and rebound.  The biggest obstacle to overcome may be that his camp wants him to go to a big market team or even stay over seas for a couple of years.  This will certainly scare off a lot of teams from drafting him high.

5.  Adreian Payne (6-10/Michigan State)

Has developed into a nice player but he has some limitations that may prevent him from ever becoming a great NBA player.  He does suffer from a lung capacity condition which could minimize his playing time.

By RC Blevins

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