How the College Football Playoff System Will Work

The 2014 college football season is upon us and for the first time since 1998 a national champion will be determined without the help of the BCS.  Will this new college football playoff system fix all the issues with the BCS?  We will have to wait and see how this season unfolds but we can assure you there will always be disgruntled fans.  The Documented Handicappers college football picks will not be affected but we explain below how the new college football playoff system will work in the 2014 NCAAF season.

How the Playoff System is Designed to Work

The College Football Playoff will be comprised of 6 bowl games and then a National Championship that will change venues each year.  Among these bowls, three of them have contracts with the various conferences, the Sugar (contracted with the SEC and Big 12), the Rose (Pac 12 and Big Ten) and the Orange (ACC). The other three are non-contract bowls in the Cotton, the Fiesta, and the Chick-Fil-A. The sixth guaranteed spot will be determined by the team with the highest ranking among five smaller conferences that include the American, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt and Conference USA.

The Semifinal stage will see two of the six CFP bowls hosting the games that will help determine who plays for the National Championship. In 2014, the bowls that have been selected are the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. In 2015, it will be the Orange and Cotton, and 2016 will see the Fiesta and Chick-Fil-A Bowls hosting the CFP Semifinals. The other four remaining bowls for each year will either host their contracted conferences as usual or, in the case of the non-contract bowls teams will be decided upon by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

Why the College Football Playoff May Pose Problems

The above may seem clear cut on how the bowl games are determined.  However, this is where the college football playoff could get messy.  The selection committee, lead by Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long, will meet each week to discuss the top 25 rankings.  At the end of the end of the season there is a chance that the rankings may not reflect which teams get to play for the National Championship.  So at the end of the season the committee will hand select 4 teams to play in the semifinals games to compete for the National title and select 8 other teams that will play in non-championship games.

I know this seems a tad complicated but we have to see how this season unfolds to see if this is a better option compared to the BCS.  We have been calling for human interaction to determine which teams play it certain bowl games so hopefully it’s a change for the better by taking away the computer generated ratings.

It’s hard not to think that this College Football Playoff Committee will be partial to their own conferences or former teams.  Anytime a group of people get together in a room there will be differences in opinion which could lead to some controversy.

Predictions of the 2014 College Football Playoff

1. Florida State

2. Alabama

3. Oregon

4. Ohio State

These are the 4 teams that will be in contention at the end of the season for the 2014-15 National Championship.

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By RC Blevins

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