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NCAA Basketball Picks for March 29, 2015
Tess Goldman
Last 30 Days: 79-51 (+5824 units / 116% Appreciation)
Kyle Gold
Last 30 Days: 63-40 (+5189 units / 104% Appreciation)
Jim McDonald
Last 30 Days: 85-68 (+5119 units / 102% Appreciation)
Brad MacKenzie
Last 30 Days: 76-51 (+4199 units / 84% Appreciation)
Adrian Conners
Last 30 Days: 52-35 (+4067 units / 81% Appreciation)
Nate McMartin
Last 30 Days: 52-41 (+3899 units / 78% Appreciation)
RC Blevins
Last 30 Days: 57-40 (+3711 units / 74% Appreciation)
Last 30 Days: 97-75 (+2196 units / 44% Appreciation)
Richie Law
Last 30 Days: 39-33 (+2184 units / 44% Appreciation)
Jimmy Eastman
Last 30 Days: 42-30 (+2175 units / 44% Appreciation)
Jeremy Redmond
Last 30 Days: 39-34 (+2128 units / 43% Appreciation)
Whitney Hicks
Last 30 Days: 47-40 (+1358 units / 27% Appreciation)
Donny Pearson
Last 30 Days: 35-51 (-5572 units / -111% Appreciation)

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